Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding Editoral Shoot for MJI Style

It's always fun working with a team of creatives. The goal was to get produce works of art/images for Marie Jilson of MJI Style. Marie and myself have met up a few times to plan this shoot. We scouted locations and planed the over all concept. We had an over all game plan but the weather decided to not cooperate. They say when life give you lemons you make lemonade and besides I always have a backup plan.

This photo shoot was a complete team effort. Before I move on to the photos let me give credit to everyone involved.  I hope I don't miss anyone.

Makeup Artist: Marie Jilson of MJI Style
Stylist: Natasha Thomas of Archetype Style
Hair Stylist: Katie Fernandez
Models:  Brittany Ballantyne and Puneet Kalra

And special thanks to fellow photographer Annya Eyestone coming and helping out.

OK, now on to the photos you say?  Here are a few photos taken at the shoot.

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